I'm Eliz Fikret,

UX Designer & Researcher

With 6 years of professional experience &
a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction,
I can help you launch user-friendly products
I have extensive experience across all UX stages, from setting up research repositories and design systems to designing flows, and conducting prototype testing with users. My familiarity with front-end development as well as the foundations of AI make me a great collaborator with product teams.
In my free time I love making my own bags, exploring new places with my Fujifilm camera and climbing.



UI/UX Design

I excel in creating intuitive, visually appealing user interfaces (UI) while prioritizing the user experience (UX), resulting in user-centric and engaging digital products.

UX Research

I conduct in-depth research to understand your users' needs and behaviors, using data-driven insights to inform design decisions and enhance the overall user experience.

Human-AI Interaction

I specialize in designing explainable experiences between humans and AI driven systems, ensuring seamless interactions and better system adoption.

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